• The Series is open to ALL anglers provided they meet the Requirements and honor all Rules and regulations listed below.
• There are NO membership fees or dues aside from individual event registration fees and optional side pots or raffle tickets.
• Disabled or Special Medical Needs: Competitors will be allowed to use kayaks or canoes with maximum of 12V trolling motors, or Kayak Manufacturer Motors, for competitions with prior approval from Tournament Director.
• TD reserves right to seek verification such as a doctor’s note. Please contact the TD with ample time(see below) to make these arrangements.
• Competitor must provide a medical athletic exemption note from licensed physician notifying that the competitor qualifies for a temporary exemption and may use a motorized kayak due to disability, health risks, and other medical situations that otherwise impair the ability to participate in a standard paddling event. Exemption note must include a time period of exemption not to exceed the current season ( a new note will be required for subsequent seasons).
• Exemption Form to be found on and must be submitted at least 2 business days prior to event.

• ALL competitors UNDER the age of 18 must provide a liability release signed by a parent or guardian before the start of the event. Parent or guardian must be present. This will be completed during your online registration.
• ALL competitors MUST have a valid Michigan or Ontario Freshwater Fishing License or be exempt under DNR/MNR regulations.

• ONLY human powered vessels will be allowed.
• Kayaks, canoes, inflatable boats, stand up SUP boards are acceptable.
• A “Blue Sky Boatworks Catamaran” is an approved vessel that can be used to participate.
• NO gasoline or electric motor propelled boats, sail boats, airboats, float tubes, or poled boats may be used.
• Only ONE paid entrant per vessel.
• NO pier/shoreline/wade/jug/trot line/hand line/cast or drag net/bow fishing allowed.
• See disability exception above for motorized vessels.

• ALL competitors must launch from shore at any designated launch spot listed on BCC website.
• ALL competitors will launch at designated launch time.
• Competitors will be given a first cast time at the Facebook Live Captains meeting. You may not have any lines in the water or be fishing prior to this time.
• Transporting vessels/competitors via power driven boats (including towing) is strictly prohibited except in the case of an emergency as determined by the tournament director.

• ONLY artificial baits/lures/flies and hand-tied flies will be permitted.
• NO live or dead bait may be used.
• Rod and Reel and Fly Rods are the only devices acceptable.
• NO downriggers allowed, trolling under human power is acceptable.
• Wade Fishing as well as exiting the kayak to land a fish is PROHIBITED, if you need to exit the kayak for safety reasons or restroom breaks this is still permitted, NOT to land fish.
• 1 rods/line in the water at anytime with a maximum of 1 trolling at any time, or 1 in angler's hands at any time.

• A 360 Light is required under DNR/MNR regulations when fishing 30 minutes before sunrise or 30 minutes after sunset or anytime in between and will be required when our launch times fall under these guidelines. Supernovas or LED light strips DO NOT meet these requirements. You will be held back for launch or DQ’ed if launching without a 360 light prior to safe light.
• PFD (lifejacket) MUST be worn at ALL times while on the water. NO exceptions. Violators will be immediately disqualified if spotted not wearing a PFD.
• Competitors must meet all DNR/MNR regulations.

• NO fish are to be kept on stringers.
• Any ONE fish can only be submitted ONCE.
• Participants are responsible to view Captains Meeting on Facebook Live and understand any clarifications or rules changes mentioned. Will be posted on Border City Classic Facebook Page after Thursday June 21st, 7pm.
• Any angler caught communicating with another angler/person during the event that violates the spirit of competition will be investigated and possibly disqualified from that event and/or future BCC Events
• ALL fish must be caught within boundary waters during the tournament time.
• ONLY the following species will count towards your total.
• Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass - 14" minimum for Competitive 8" for Recreation
• The Hawg Trough and The Fish Stick are the only acceptable measuring devices for the 2018 BCC
• Competitors must use their own measuring device and may share if broken or lost overboard..
• Your device may be checked by Tournament Directors at any time.
• If the judge cannot clearly see the markings, that fish will not be scored. At a minimum 1⁄4 inch increments need to be visible. Consider marking your lines with a black sharpie on the Hawg Trough
• Mouth Open for Social and Closed for Pro to Furthest Tip of Tail
• See “CPR How-to Guide” online and examples of acceptable photos
• Pre fishing or practice period from a POWER BOAT,  is PROHIBITED for one week before the event. Pre-fishing is allowed from a kayak on the American side of LSC.  Bass season is closed on the Canadian side of LSC until June 23rd, Day one of the BCC. Therefore you may only be in a kayak with electronics, no fishing rods prior to the BCC.
• Fishing in OFF-LIMITS areas will result in disqualification. OFF -LIMITS areas are defined as but not limited to any and all areas marked by buoys , signage, or barriers with the intent of keeping people out. Any posted, legal, private property, or otherwise off limits areas plus any specific areas as determined by BCC staff are strictly OFF-LIMITS to anglers. Anglers may NOT fish, cast a line, or be in the off-limits areas.
• 30 Day OFF limits of hiring guide services from DAY OF tournament. Ex: If event takes place on 1/31. Guide Services are OFF limits after 12/31, 11:59pm
● INCLEMENT WEATHER: The Tournament Director may delay, reschedule, or cancel the event.
● The first option will be a delay to be determined by the tournament director.
● The reschedule date for any event is the following day (same time/place/launch).
● If both days are rescheduled, the following weekend will serve as make-up event.
● If canceled or rescheduled, entrants can be refunded or have fee applied to next event.
● No refunds for prepaid entrants will be given for non-attendance regardless of the reason.
• DRUG and ALCOHOL use during the tournament is strictly PROHIBITED.
• ANY competitor found to be under the influence will be disqualified and will receive a score of ZERO. RULES
• All rules are decided and interpreted by the Tournament Director.
• Any protests should be registered with the tournament director immediately after the results being posted.
• The Tournament Director retains the right to make any changes at ANY time, and the FINAL decision.
• Not having read the rules is NOT an exception.
• The BCC is intended and will be a competitive and professional event. It is also designed to be lots of fun. That being said,
ALL anglers are encouraged to be good sportsmen throughout the series. Any disorderly conduct, violation of rules, illegal
activity or disregard for the KATS Code of Conduct may result in your disqualification.
• Any report of cheating will be investigated. Any cheating reported with proof will result in immediate disqualification.